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Under-Car Auto services & Fitment centre De Graaf Under-Car

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Under-Car Auto services & Fitment centre Undercar Worx





Since its establishment De Graaf Under-Car has grown into one of the most well-known and reputable brands in the automotive fitment industry serving the exhaust market. De Graaf Exhaust Systems is one of the largest exhaust manufacturers in South Africa manufacturing exhausts for performance, commercial, industrial, agricultural and aeronautical use.

The fitment centres also offer besides exhaust systems, a variety of automotive services such as shocks, tow bars, bush bars, roll bars, batteries, cv joints, car servicing, general mechanical repairs and tyres (optional).

Many franchisors have built up the reputation in recent years as being profit hunters. The difference with our franchise is that it’s structured very lean with low expenditure to benefit the franchisees in the form of promoting the franchises.

The existing franchise concept DOES NOT change and will be to the advantage of existing and new franchises. It is, however no longer an explicit condition that prospective franchises must participate in the fitment of the whole range of exhaust systems that De Graaf Exhaust Systems provided.

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Due to changing market trends and consumer demands in order to compete in the automotive aftermarket, the company changed part of its name at the end of 2015 from De Graaf Under-Car (PTY) LTD to Undercar Worx (PTY) LTD. This was part of the planning stage and a strategically move to start to implement (during 2016) the new franchise trading name as Under-Car Auto Service and Fitment Centre, so that the consumer could associate the fitment centres with other products besides exhaust systems.

Exhausts still form a major part of a fitment centre’s sales and Under-Car is a proud supplier of De Graaf Exhausts, to compete in this market it is vital to fit and supply a bundle of products including the servicing of vehicles, which has become a significant contributor to the overall profitability of the outlets.

Franchises can, as example, decide to specialize only in specific exhaust systems such as performance systems built for a specific market or a combination of specific automotive services they prefer in order to fulfil the need and demand of customers in a specific area or region.

The franchise will have a choice in a much wider range of services to offer to the customer at reasonable costs and highly affordable competitive prices.

Under-Car will still as in the past only use carefully sourced superior quality replacement parts associated with trusted brand names provided by well known dealers. Our franchises will guarantee excellent workmanship by trained mechanics / fitters to ensure dependable and prompt services to the customer.